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We have a passion for the well-being and happiness of furry (or, not so furry) family members that bring such joyful fulfillment to everyone's lives. Our goals are to provide care for our clients' pets that exceeds expectations and raises standards to set an example for the industry. We guarantee each client's pets will receive personal attention with each walk we take and each visit we make. There are no group walks with unfamiliar animals, which pose safety risks and prevent the personalized interaction that ensures your pets are given proper attention, even when you cannot be there. Our method is to combine professionalism with attentive affection, which offers both safety and comfort. We adhere to your instructions and the needs of your pets, making each experience as close as possible to what you feel is best.  


Puppies & Pals brings more than 15 years' experience in professional kennel management/administration, obedience training, pet care, and dog walking to our business.


Puppies & Pals is a licensed, bonded and insured business. Liability Insurance and Employee Coverage (bond) through Petcare Insurance.


Policy #: JN1206-PCI13614

Licensing/Business Tax

Account #: 40356

Registration #: G1700016659

Documents regarding proof of this will be gladly provided upon request. 

Not just dogs...

While we are listed primarily as a dog walking service, we realize our clients may have a variety of species as family members. Do you have cats? Birds? Other furry (or, scaled) friends that might need attention while you are away during the day? Let us know.


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Establishing relationships is a great place to start. We always begin with an introduction between us and your non-human family member. We'll come to you, where your dog feels most comfortable.

Puppies & Pals: Dog Walking and Pet Care Services

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As a mobile business, our hours are flexible. While we generally operate Monday - Friday from 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m., services are available at no additional charge for your weekend needs. Any phone messages and e-mails will be returned within 24 hours. 

Services & Rates

Policies & Procedures

1) There are no extra charges for feeding & fresh water, administering medication(s) or public clean-up during walks. These are included as base services.

2) There are no extra charges for weekend or holiday visits/walks, although we may require more flexible times based on our availability.

3) We provide a personal log book for each client, recording the details of each visit and allowing the client to leave notes/instructions.

4) Since our service is mobile, we come to your home, greeting your dogs in a familiar environment with the promise of returning to that environment after a fun stroll through the neighborhood. For the pets who aren't going for walks, they are given attention that is never more than a few steps from their beds.

5) Payments are made via check or cash each Friday at the scheduled visit. Charges for weekend (Saturday, Sunday) walks will be applied as part of the upcoming week on that Friday. An electronic payment option will be available soon.

6) During severe weather (extreme temperatures, hail, high winds, heavy thunderstorms, lightning), typical outdoor time during the visit will be brief and limited to necessities. The remainder of the time will be spent indoors, including recreational time for your pet(s).

7) Puppies & Pals requires that all clients' pets have required vaccinations and photocopied proof thereof for our records, along with veterinary contact information.

8) Please inform us of any health conditions and health-related restrictions your pet suffers from and any instructions required to address those issues. There is no additional fee for these considerations.

9) Puppies & Pals reserves the right to refuse and/or continue service for uncontrollable, aggressive and/or biting animals. The animal's owner is responsible for any injuries resulting in medical care expenses and damages resulting from such behavior.

10) Cancellations must be made before 7p.m. of the preceding day at no cost to the client. Any cancellation for the next day made after 7p.m. of that day will be considered a same-day cancellation, which is a full rate charge. Late cancellations due to health emergencies and severe weather will not receive charges.

11) There is a 3-day grace period for late payments. Any payments made after the third day (i.e., Monday) will include a 10% late fee on the standing bill. If a bill is not paid within 7 days, services will be canceled. Puppies & Pals will bear no responsibility for monetary losses incurred due to lack of payment. Any balances unpaid for 30 days will be referred to collections. There is a $20 fee for a returned check.

12) While Puppies & Pals has scheduled time blocks for visits, exact times cannot always be guaranteed. We will, however, guarantee arrival within 1 hour of the client's requested time. Exceptions will be made for pets with time-sensitive medical needs. 

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What's New?

New service added as of November 1st, 2017:

Animal transport is now one of the services we offer. Details are in the Services & Rates section, under Additional Services.